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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When It Rains....

(...you know the rest.)

I just had someone (you know who you are) email me to say, "You haven't blogged in awhile about you :) "

Which made me smile. Thanks.

Anyway, I haven't posted much in the last week or two because my plate is full. No doubt about it.

These are the plates spinning right now. Please don't ask, "How do you keep it all straight?" It's far too complicated to explain. Rest assured that it is all super fun and interesting. I am grateful beyond words.

  • Pastoral coaching projects in East LA, two in Long Beach (starting tomorrow), Escondido, Hermon (near Highland Park), Garden Grove.
  • Youth ministry consulting projects in Seattle area, Western suburbs of Chicago, Garden Grove and a new one near San Luis Obispo.
  • Teaching a new series on apologetics out of C.S. Lewis' classic Mere Christianity for 8 weeks at Providence Hall High School.
  • Coordinating a community-wide presentation titled "How to Talk with Your Teen about Drugs & Alcohol" on Feb. 10. Just organizing, not speaking - phew!
  • Preparing to launch at least twelve coin can fundraising campaigns around the country for Eden Reforestation Projects to raise funds. We are currently planting 750,000 trees per month in Ethiopia & Madagascar!!
On the horizon:
  • attending a conference in Orlando for Eden Reforestation Projects -- with churches from Maine to Florida in attendance.
  • hosting a table at Santa Barbara's Earth Day Festival April 17 & 18.
  • teaching my internships class again at Westmont during Mayterm.
  • a trip to visit my niece and nephew in NYC over spring break!
It's all good. God be praised.


  1. Does this mean you'll be visting said church near SLO in the near future? ;)

    P.S.- You impress me, Kel. I no doubt see Jesus in you.

  2. YES. I love hearing about this all. Praying for you of course.

    What a shame you have to consult in the Seattle area ;)

  3. i have been waiting for you to blog too..so i was very excited to see this post AND i am going to NYC tomorrow so that made me excited as well :)