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Monday, February 1, 2010

Urbana 09 video - don't skip this!

Just got this tonight and can't wait to pass it on... a high quality summary video of our time at Urbana 09 last month. It does a great job giving a taste of the conference.

A huge bonus: it also has the brief topical videos (see the scrolling section to the right of the summary video) that were shown during the conference AND videos of all the speakers we heard from. The topical videos (5-10 minutes each) are tremendous for teaching on various topics, and the speakers were STUNNING. Every single message was powerful, but these were my top favorites. None of the messages were more than 20 minutes. You could listen to one per day and feast on a banquet within a week's time!
  • "Fences" -- great video on loving your neighbor
  • Interview with Patrick Fung, president of OMF. Very inspiring.
  • "Money & Power" by Oscar Muriu. My favorite of the entire conference. Convicting.
  • "Bringing the Kingdom Down to Earth" by Shane Claiborne.
  • "Pray Big, Pray Bold" by Sunder Krishnan.
  • "All of Creation" by Denise-Margaret Thompson.
  • "I've Got a River of Life" by Brenda Salter-McNeil. Crazy wonderful. This woman can preach.
  • Michael Oh - profound testimony on forgiveness. I cannot describe how moving this was.
  • "Missions on Your Campus" by Alec Hill. Stunning description of what can happen when we share our lives with others.
Go to the Urbana 09 website as well for more goodies, including the worship CD. You will NOT be disappointed.

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