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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Articles on the Interweb!

I've been asked by YMToday to contribute some articles to their newsletter. This is an impressive resource produced by the Center for Youth Ministry Training. I believe this photo helps you to understand why they invited me to contribute...

Go to this link and look over this week's YMToday newsletter; scroll down to "More Articles this week" section and you'll see my article.

It's a joy for me to see some "dreams come true" in terms of getting my writing out there. It's even more satisfying when they ask me for content. I like that ☺ As is often the case, I don't get paid for it.... But God is faithfully providing income for me -- so this stuff is icing on the cake, and a great way to connect in other ways.

My schedule is full these days with work. Yessss! I have consulting projects in Nebraska, Illinois, Arizona, 3 churches in Southern CA, and several assignments with Eden Reforestation Projects all spinning at once. I am also gearing up to officially start the school year with Providence Hall on August 15. For a little vacay before my schedule ramps up another notch, I'm squeezing in a 5-day camping trip to Sequoia National Park, then sneaking away for two days with my niece and nephew to camp near Big Sur after that.

Thanks for reading.

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