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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Article accepted!

In the midst of the misery of yet another local fire, I have a very small thing to celebrate...

Today I got word that an article that I submitted to an online journal titled Provocations was accepted. While I am not compensated financially for this contribution, I am thrilled about this.

is produced by The Trinity Forum, a Christian think tank, whose mission is “Contributing to the transformation and renewal of society through the transformation and renewal of leaders.”

If you read it now, it's right on the home page as the lead story. Yay!

My hope and desire is to submit essays to them periodically that will be conversations about famous and popular literature and how these works talk about bigger questions of faith.

Even more, my prayer would be that these essays could spark spiritual conversations with some of your well-read friends. Please let me know if you're able to use this essay (and others, I pray!) in that way.

The title of the article is Travels with Charley -- and God: Reflections on an Unresolved Life.


  1. The Trinity Forum, THAT'S WHERE KELLY KNIGHT WORKS!!! She interns there between doing youth stuff and fellows stuff. I wonder if she knows... small, funny world :)

  2. Yes indeed she knows... she introduced me to the editor. I am grateful.