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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Updates 2012: Day Three

Now you might be rubbing your eyes and saying, "Wha-a-a-at?" I thought she just threw the Westmont logo up there. Now's she sporting the APU logo? What is up with that??"

Indeed. What is up with that? I am able to make the strange claim that I am indeed a Westmont Warrior (thanks to extremely part-time, adjunct faculty status) AND an Azusa Pacific University Cougar! What do I mean by that? Well... I'm currently enrolled as a student at APU Seminary. Crazy talk, I know.

Allow me to explain. I already have a Master's in Theology from Fuller Seminary (Go-o-o-o-o.... oh wait, Fuller doesn't have a mascot). In the last year, through my work with the Free Methodist Church in Southern California, I have been working with administration, faculty and staff at APU on various projects (I'll talk about that in a later post), and have been very impressed with the caliber of folks I have met. Every single person has been creative, intelligent, energetic, entrepreneurial and generous with their time and support.  In talking with some faculty in the School of Theology, I started feeling that familiar itch, that growing desire to be back in school again, despite my tortoise-like pace in getting my MAT. I started poking around for information on what a Doctorate in Ministry (aka "DMin," but if you say that quickly, it doesn't sound good for us Jesus-followers... "I'm getting a DMin.") could look like. It didn't take long before I was hooked.

HOWEVER (isn't there always a "however"?), I also found out that my lowly MAT lacked a few credits to qualify me to start. So despite being a Fuller audit-aholic (I think I audited eight courses after finishing my degree) I was told I needed two more seminary courses to apply.

Since I love going to school, PERIOD, I was not too bummed by this news. Granted, driving down to Azusa once a week is no small accomplishment, but I have a carpool buddy (one of my summer interns who is just starting her seminary education), so it's all good. I'm taking Pastoral Counseling for Adolescents, and I am loving it. Yes, despite all these years in youth ministry, I still have plenty to learn.  It is awesome to be reminded of this. So far, the entire class has been worth it for one book: Becoming a Healthier Pastor by Ron Richardson. Outstanding! I've already referred it to a few "come-alongside" clients, who have echoed my praise. There are several other books, and a couple of them would get "Not a Fan" status from me, but overall the lectures have been A+ and I am already gathering notes for my research paper. If it goes well, maybe I'll even post it here!

So... Go Warriors, Go Cougars... heck, Go Gauchos! I'll be quick to admit it: I'm a lifelong student. And pretty darn happy about it.

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