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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Reads

  1. Finished Westmont Mayterm course -- check.
  2. Attended high school graduation for many former youth groupies -- check.
  3. Participated in Providence Hall graduation one last time (and enjoyed myself greatly) -- check.
  4. Met individually yesterday and today with each of my nine Free Methodist summer interns (via Skype) -- check.
  5. Replied to a bazillion overdue emails -- check.
Ahhhh. All those checked-off items means... it's time for vacation!! Yesssssss. (Fist pump).

It's 9:45pm, the bags are packed, and I can already feel myself starting to relax. And thanks to a lovely college student home for the summer, I can rest easily knowing the kitties are in good hands.

Heading to Grand Teton National Park (chock full of gluten-free granola bars, naturally), I look forward to blissful days of ZERO email, eating when I'm hungry, sleeping till I wake up, lots of hiking, and reading reading reading.

What's on my reading list, you might ask? I will be the first to admit that I get very ambitious when I pack my bags, so this list may extend into summer. Which is fine by me!
  • Istanbul: Memories and the City by Orhan Pamuk. I had some beloved youth groupies go on a semester-long trip to Turkey (and parts of the Middle East) with my friends Heather and Jim (professors at Westmont), and their photos made me jealous. I had an amazing trip through Turkey in May 2005, and it's on my bucket list to return. This book will probably make me want to go even more. I like Pamuk's writing a lot. He does a good job describing his inner life.
  • Colonel Roosevelt by Edmund Morris. I first listed this book on this post, but got delayed by... life. So I'm ready to feast on the third part of this biography, having read the first two during past visits to other national parks.
  • Walking the Bible: A Journey by Land Through the Five Books of Moses by Bruce Feiler. I've heard a bit about this book on NPR, but it was mostly an impulse purchase as I ran through Borders when it was closing. How do you pass up 70% discounts?! And let's be honest -- this title had me at hello!
  • The Faith of a Writer: Life, Craft, Art by Joyce Carol Oates. I have a bunch of beautiful "how-to-write" books hoarded on my bedside table, making myself think I'll become a great writer someday simply by owning them. I have read one or two of them, but it's time to wade in and just ENJOY.
  • The Way of the Heart: Desert Spirituality and Contemporary Ministry by Henri Nouwen. Yep, this is a re-read. This is an oldie but a goodie (my edition is from 1981!), and as I was packing in my room it caught my eye. I just sensed it was time to read it again. How can that not be good?
My last month has been full, teaching for Mayterm, launching summer interns, conferences and consulting out of town. I have high hopes of returning to more regular posting again here upon my return because I have missed it. Thanks for reading -- please post what YOU are reading these days.


  1. Well, I'm reading Life Together by Bonhoeffer, Knowing Christ by Dallas Willard, The Steps We Took by Joe McQ, Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom, The $100 Start-Up, and The Hispanic Challenge by Manuel Ortiz. Have a great vacation!

  2. Yay you're blogging again!! :) So glad you had a beautiful vacation. And thank you for posting about your books -- I heed to your advice. I finished Still by Lauren Winner and have begun a book called "Little Bee" about a Nigerian immigrant to the UK - it's good so far!