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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Car(e)-Free Update May 2011

I recognize two fun milestones today... This morning, as I scooted to church, I passed the 9,000 mile mark on my scooter (pictured at the right, and yes, have no fear, I always wear a HELMET when I ride).

Secondly, I bought the Buddy 125 in May 2007, so this month marks 4 years of "living the dream." I've noted here previously that I sold my car last October and have been living "car(e)-free" ever since.

Since I haven't made any updates since February, I'm pleased to report that I "weathered" this past winter without a car rather easily. Yes, there were a couple of drenchings on my bike (this was a rather wet winter for So Cal), and I even had to rent a car two different times when I flat-out just needed a car for work stuff.

But 99% of the time it works well for me to either drive my scooter, take the bus, ride my bike, walk, hitch a ride with friends, take the train... or even just stay home!

I will also readily admit that I decided (and thankfully, she agreed!) to get added to my roommate's auto insurance so I can borrow her car ~ which she will confirm I do only about once every 2-3 weeks. I decided to do this for two reasons:
  • To legally be able to drive her car if needed to.
  • To have auto insurance for when I rent a car. Do you know you cannot have car insurance without it being attached to a specific car?
So I cannot claim to be fully car-free, I suppose. But pretty darn close. And as gas prices have coasted upward, I am sad to report that filling the Buddy's tank has increased 25%... from $4 to $5!

I will stop my gloating. I am grateful to live in a town and climate where it's possible to do this. I hope to have many more years with the Buddy, and encourage you to consider ways that you can be a good steward of the environment (plus your wallet and your health) by finding greener transportation alternatives. Over and out. (For now!)


  1. It's not gloating, it's FANTASTIC!!! So encouraging and a great reminder to all of us!!! Thanks :)

  2. Timely post for us Kelly. At about 8pm tonight, we're putting the car down for the week. Gearing up the ninos for LOTS of walking!

  3. Enjoy enjoy, Rob. Less driving just means more time to make pupusas! :0 Thanks Sirica for the props. I know you guys live the same way... I just saw John on the bike path last week.

  4. $5? what a scandal. guess how much it costs my non-SUV to fill up? i won't even tell you (but add a zero to the end of that 5 and you'll be getting there).

  5. I say you get one, Ahn... you'd be very Audrey-Hepburn-like on a scooter, with a lovely long scarf whipping in the wind and big sunglasses.