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Sunday, February 20, 2011

February Favorites 2011

This holiday weekend has been wonderfully relaxing and full of favorite things... some of them won't surprise you... cooking, riding my bike (had an especially fun ride getting drenched to the bone on Saturday), reading on the couch with a latte close by, and watching NBA Basketball (the All-Star Game Dunk Contest was insane this year).

But to drill down a bit deeper, here are some of the specific things that I am enjoying these days...
  • Abuelita Chocolate: I've picked up the new habit of dissolving 1/8 tablet of Abuelita Mexican chocolate in my milk before I steam it for a minute in the microwave... then I pour in my espresso that I brew on my stove, a habit I started after my first visit to Italy in 2006. This makes the BEST mocha I have ever had. Period.
  • The Cloister Walk: I picked this up at the Borders closeout downtown before it closed. I'm fascinated by Benedictine spirituality, and this book profiles Kathleen Norris' 9-month experience worshiping with Benedictines. A good, creative read. Next book on the list to read is one I received for my birthday: The Blue Parakeet.
  • The Prayer Circle: My friend Megan turned me on to this album. I don't know I missed it when it first came out in 1999, but this album is transcendent. It's called "A Choral Symphony in 9 Movements." I put this on when I'm writing a lesson for my Foundations class at Providence Hall or just writing a long letter to a friend. Put it on, sit on the couch and close your eyes. Absolutely lovely.
  • Fleet Foxes ~ "Helplessness Blues": Go to this link and download the song. The harmonies, the lyrics, the production of it is beautiful. It sort of reminds me of old Simon & Garfunkel stuff, but it's also brand new.
  • "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars: No apologies here... occasionally a pop song gets in my head and goes on "repeat." I am addicted to this song.
  • My Dansko clogs: Oh my heart. These things are a dream. I wear them EVERYWHERE. My poor housemate was so sick of seeing my one pair that she got me another pair for my birthday.
  • Cottage Cheese Pancakes: I found this recipe in December, and I still am making them at least once a week. With raspberries, they are ridiculous.
  • The Book of Hebrews in The Message: I am using the devotional Common Prayer, and am currently in the Book of Hebrews. There is such good news in this book. Read it and smile with joy, relief, and praise.
  • My cat Oliver. Recently my friend Cameron mocked me for not blogging lately about my kitten. Have no fear, I'm not done talking about my fuzzy friend.


  1. thanks. just bought prayer circle. beautiful. looking forward to cottage cheese pancakes. welcome wagon and steven's brother kent are coming wed. for a haiti benefit. wish you could be coming too :).

  2. Wouldn't that be fun? Thanks for reading. Miss you.