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Sunday, June 20, 2010

What Are You Listening To?

Gosh, there is lots of good music out there. It's impossible to keep track of it all. But when I land on some new stuff that I like, I enjoy it more when I share it. So here goes...

I find most of my new music in 3 places:
  • Brite Revolution - a great music download site that is also socially responsible. I've mentioned it here before.
  • Paste Magazine - I subscribe to it, and each issue includes 20 free songs to download. Some are clinkers, many are great. It's a nice eclectic mixture of genres.
  • All Songs Considered - I talk about this one often. They give so much free music, and great commentary. It's on NPR, and they have so many different podcasts and music streaming off of this site -- it's ridiculously great. Do not miss it.

I won't try to explain why I like these artists. Just hit the links and decide for yourself... and share some of your own opinions should you feel so inclined.

Marching Band - music coming out of Sweden (and all those Scandinavian places... yeah wherever) is so darn good of late. My biggies are Johann Johannsson, Sondre Lerche, and naturally, Sigur Ros. And see another one listed below...

The Living Sisters
- this is one of those side projects bands where the artists have other groups for which they are better known. Very lovely harmonies here. Not derivative and predictable.

Suzanne Vega
- yes, I wrote that. She's apparently moved beyond Luka. This one song I've heard is fantastic. Acoustic and folky.

Pawnshop Kings - they sound a lot like the Fray in one of their songs, I'm not gonna lie. Don't Say That sticks with you though. But check out their other stuff too. God in You is intriguing.

The Tallest Man on Earth - I really don't get how these Swedes sound more American than we do.

Jay Nash - Nothing hugely new in his music, but it's easy to listen to yet substantial at the same time.

Keith Jarrett - his latest album is called Jasmine. If you want utterly understated, really clean and solid instrumental jazz piano that is perfect soundtrack for life, this is it. It is incredibly relaxing. I have another album of his called The Melody at Night, with You, that is a stunner as well. He's not easy to find online... he's a bit quirky and very proprietary about his music ... rightfully so. The link I listed here is from the older album I mentioned.

Hope you get to go to some concerts and shows this summer. I think I've used up my budget already on some shows earlier this spring, but we'll see....


  1. LOVE Tallest Man on Earth right now. Have you heard of Dawes or David Bazan? I feel like you would enjoy them both

  2. Another good resource is KFOG's Acoustic Sunrise (http://www.kfog.com/PROGRAMMING/AcousticSunriseSunset.aspx) from San Francisco which streams every Sunday morning and evening. Basically, a really nice mix between well known artist's B-sides and new artists.

  3. outstanding! another source. KFOG used to be an easy listening station (read "Muzak") when I was growing up. Guess they've changed their style...