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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Into Great Silence

I had an article published online with YMToday this week. They contacted me, asking me to contribute an article related to keeping Sabbath as a pastor. I really enjoy writing for this site. It's produced by the Center for Youth Ministry Training (cymt.org), who in turn is affiliated with Memphis Seminary.

For this submission I ended up adapting an article I'd written for my former church's monthly newsletter a few years ago. It was really great for me to reflect on this older article, and be able to see some of the ways I had adopted some spiritual practices examined in the film Into Great Silence.

I cannot say enough about this film. As I say in my article, I watch this film at least once a year -- it's already in my pile of goodies that I am gathering together for my upcoming summer vacation trip to Alaska. In the case of this film, "less is more." In other words, I want to say very little, because it defies description. Just see it. (And feel free to read my article while you're at it :)


  1. just read your article (although i will say that i was receiving texts from my small group girls while reading it - multitasking!). can't wait to put that movie on my netflix que.

  2. just promise me that you'll protect the time and not get interrupted. You need 100% of your attention to watch it.