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Sunday, May 9, 2010

'Ello Oliver!

I've already posted a photo on Facebook, but hardcore kitten fans can see more here. I had to put faithful Jack down on March 16, and was sure I couldn't get another cat for a long time. But as life carried on, it became immediately clear that the other cat of the house, Eli, was used to having a buddy. He became impossible, for a bunch of reasons that cat owners would understand. Enough biting, shredding, jumping, and annoying behavior moved up the "Get-a-Kitty" date rather quickly.

So here he is, all of 8 weeks old. A couple of friends have this sort of kitty (Persian/Himalayan mix), so my housemate surfed the 'net and found one born March 9 -- a week before I lost Jack.

He's very friendly, floppy and so flippin' cute he doesn't seem real! I may become one crazy cat lady. Tough luck, folks. I'm a goner....


  1. oh my goodness, what a cute kittie! i can wait to meet and love on that little one! what a face!!!!!!!!!! enjoy!

  2. i'm dying. those pics are super cute. can't wait to meet him. literally, can't wait... any free time this week?

  3. I neeeeeeeeeeeed this cat in my life.

  4. Holy amazingness.... I'm going to go cry now.