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Friday, May 21, 2010

Certifiable Crazy Kitten Owner

I can't really come up with any logical explanation. I am now a helpless Puddle of Kitten Attachment. Here are photos from Week 2 of Oliver...

This was earlier in the week. Eli is not pleased with this current change of events. His world is being rocked by a 1 pound puffball.

Here he crawled up my leg (OUCH -- I was wearing shorts) as I sat at my desk, then up onto my shoulder. Looked around for the right spot, then promptly fell asleep.

He and the Other Cat of the House, Eli, are still getting to know each other. I get a little nervous when I can't find Oliver after a few minutes because I have found Eli lingering a few too many seconds with his jaw clamped on the back of Oliver's neck... after 5 minutes of being unable to find Oliver, I found him here, fast asleep.

Taken when Ruth was "working" at home. Notice her toes at the top of the screen.


  1. i'm coming over with my camera soon.

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