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Thursday, April 8, 2010

April Favorites

I don't know about you, but I am nearly giddy with delight at spring's arrival. More than average rainfall and colder weather this year (trust me, I'm fully aware I'm a SoCal wimp) has got me appreciating the birds singing, trees budding and longer daylight. I notice every flower that is blooming, I revel in the air being warm at night, and I enjoy wearing shorts. It's got me in a good mood, to say the least. (Kitty at right demonstrates my pleased-ness.)

When I'm in a good mood like this, I enjoy simple pleasures with gusto. Here is my latest list of Stuff I Like at the moment:
  • New favorite food item: Trader Joe's Corn and Chile (Tomato-Less) Salsa. A party in your mouth. I have been putting it on lots of different things, but it is perfect on scrambled eggs wrapped in a warm corn tortilla. I cannot imagine what it would be like on a fresh avocado. Oh dear.
  • New favorite music site: Song of the Day - NPR. They send it right to your email. You click, you link, you listen. Some of the songs get the 3-second gong, but several have been great. I really like today's -- Icarus by Winter Hinterland. Sort of Moby-ambient-Enya-ish. Yes, I just wrote that.
  • New favorite local restaurant: sorry to out-of-towners, but Goleta Sushi House is scaled-down and great at the same time. Not in a picturesque part of town, but qualifies as classic hole-in-the-wall status... though the interior is clean and bright.
  • New tennie runners: bought a new pair o' kicks that are like walking on pillows... Nike Air Initiators - but mine have a purple swoosh, which keeps me from being completely cool. I embrace that.
  • New favorite youthworker website: NBC's Minute to Win It. Seriously -- after 28 years of running goooofy youth group games, I see network television acting like they've invented a new idea. Bully for them, I guess. But I will also gladly rip off their ideas.
  • New favorite team (this will last about 10 days, but who cares): Butler Bulldogs. What an impressive Final Four game. Sorry Duke fans. The Bulldogs rocked it big time. Gotta lotta heart.
  • Favorite album in rotation at the moment: Jamie Cullum's The Pursuit. Such a classy sound. Great musician. Jazz, but not. Lots of piano, awesome voice, flair with words, stellar arrangements... love all of it. I find every one of his albums outstanding. Best song on this album: Not While I'm Around.
  • Favorite treaty-treat: Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Eggs. Must. Stop. Now.
How's by you? What is the Stuff You Like right now?


  1. -tulips
    -new englanders wearing shorts & t-shirts when it's 55 degrees (sadly i'm becoming one of them because i want to soak up as much good weather as i can ;))
    -cherry blossoms in DC & maryland
    -my new J.Crew bright (quite bright actually) coral shorts .. i am quite proud of this purchase ;)
    -running outside in the woods again
    -eating strawberries & raspberries

    side note: i love the cat pic :) :)

  2. So that's who ate my Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Eggs!!