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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Cleaning 2010

The sun is out, the birds are singing, and Daylight Savings commences this weekend. I'm not waiting till the official Start of Spring -- it's time to purge some junk. I have two new albums playing as I do this: The Pursuit by Jamie Cullum and then Purity of Heart is to Will One Thing by The Welcome Wagon. No meaning behind the music choices -- I just like listening to new music. Which makes this Painful Process of Purging easier.

I'm starting with my home office. Oh my. True confessions time:
  • Apparently I compulsively collect notepads -- especially from hotel rooms. You could track my travels from the last several years just by looking at the notepads in a drawer I haven't cleaned out in awhile. OK, ever. But I absent-mindedly keep shoving hotel notepads in this drawer.
  • I have a huge need to own highlighters.
  • It appears I have a similar need to own Sharpie markers.
  • I own very few functional pens. Again, many appear to be from hotel rooms. You know what I mean - the cheap stick pens. What is wrong with me?!
  • I found a Starbucks gift card under ... well, the notepads. I checked the balance online. It had a forty dollar balance. I need to clean more often.
  • I used to do calligraphy. I completely, totally forgot I had this hobby. In the 80's I think.
  • I have at least twenty old-school computer floppy disks. What do I do with these? Must Google.
  • I used to wear watches. This is another habit I faintly recall. Since I bought a cell phone in 1999, I stopped wearing watches. I have found 3 watches so far in desk drawers.
  • We don't even want to talk about the drawer with all the cell phone cords. I don't have it in me to tackle that one today. Not if I want to feel like I'm getting somewhere.
  • Owner's manuals: I just found the owner's manual for my Palm PDA. Good grief. I probably had that in 1999. How do I not throw this stuff away? EEK. The directions to a BopIt Extreme toy... This is scaring me... ah, now I am looking at the directions for my Casio Adding Machine. Shoot me now.
  • If anyone needs a forest green WWJD key lanyard, I have one. Really, don't call all at once.
I just found a bumper sticker that says "Simplify." I'm... speechless. Back to cleaning...


  1. :) this post made me smile ! I remember trying to talk you out of getting a cel phone (!) and you trying to teach me to do Calligraphy. I think I also remember the WWJD lanyard. I like the old stuff... but bring in the new... I like that too :) and i LOVE you!!!!!

  2. You should use all that fine junk for next year's Christmas ornaments! You could have a home office theme for your tree.

  3. Kel, they have a name for this (and now a TV show): Hoarders. ha. Don't thrown away the highlighters or sharpies though- my classroom is ALWAYS in need or such items!

  4. I promise I won't throw away a thing... I just gave away some binders to someone else, but I'll hang on to other stuff as I continue...

  5. cass would suggest christmas ornaments. i love the link to that cell phone. all the stuff that you're finding immediately makes me think of a youth pastor.