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Sunday, August 23, 2009


How do you describe it when music is just so GOOD? I cannot say why I like certain music. I just do. There are distinct qualities about it -- but they are not in the sounds or genre so much as in the effects they have on me. I know I like a song when I hit PLAY six times in a row, and am still not sick of it. I know I like a song when I wake up singing it the next day. A song really works when it makes me stop everything and just listen. It's like I experience the music more than hear it. It rings somewhere inside of me, vibrating, echoing, resonating.

When a song expresses feelings and thoughts and experiences far better than I could ever do so myself, then it practically owns me.

There's some music out right now that hits me this way. I won't say much about it. Plain & simple -- I like each artist very very much.

The new Swell Season music (Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova -- from the movie Once): go to NPR Tiny Desk concerts -- but make sure you select the "Watch Now" option. It is spellbinding. How could this music possibly be better than the music from Once? Stunningly - it is.

The new stuff from Sondre Lerche (soundtrack from Dan in Real Life). Norwegian dude, fantastic music. He has a new album titled Heartbeat Radio that is coming out Sept 8.

New artist -- he's a Christian -- who has a nice, unique, not-Nashville-overproduced-Christian-pop sound named Ben Rector. Favorite song is "After All."


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