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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Music Musings

I haven't talked about music here for awhile... I've let myself get busy. And today's post is a bit of mash-up of various things I'm listening to. But I like it all, and love the comments you send my way as well... so here goes.

All Songs Considered on NPR - "The Band I Love Is..."
This week's podcast is a good one. Just tune in and have it in the background for half an hour. They asked listeners to tell them about bands they like who other people haven't heard of. It's a great collection of music -- although I will chime in that I had heard of most of the groups, so they aren't exactly sleuthing through the dark music clubs around the world -- but it's great stuff. I especially like Marching Band, Augie March ("One Crowded Hour" is just a GREAT song), and a new group called Fanfarlo that has a Sufjan sort of sound.

New Music
I'm so glad that favorites of mine have new albums out. Look for a new release (um, finally) from Mat Kearney today. Last night I listened to new music from Iron and Wine that was SO mellow and nice. I feel like he is a new millennium version of Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Glen Phillips and David Wilcox: I went to this great concert in late April with my dear friend Maddie. It was wonderful and in a very cool venue (Mavericks Saloon in Santa Ynez). No big insight here, but let's just say that live music is where it's at. Glen Phillips has a new band (WPA) and an album coming out soon - he's definitely changing his sound and pushing himself musically. I like where he's headed. Look for an album in the fall -- best of all, he's teaming up with the Watkins from Nickel Creek. And David Wilcox.... wow. No words are adequate. Unreal. He is a consummate musician and songwriter. I must say that he sort of blew poor Glen out of the water with his musicianship (he had a different tuning for every song, and just did it while he was talking. Ridiculous). But Glen is recovering from surgery on his arm, so ....

Not to brag, but I have tickets for the Fray on July 31 and U2 in October at the Rose Bowl. Yessssss.....

One more time...
Finally, I have to mention a song that I had in a post last week. Just let it sit there as a tab in your browser and play it over and over. It is a lovely vision of what God is calling His people to do.


  1. Check out Still Time "See America". It's their second album. Good stuff. I saw them here last night. Their 1st album is also great.

    And not to brag....but I'm seeing Flight of the Conchords Friday at the Bowl.

  2. That is brag-worthy. Laugh for me when they sing Ladies of the World...

    "Republic of Dominican... Amphibian... Presbyterian..." Priceless!