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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Classic New Music

Yeah. "Classic" and "New" -- it's possible.

Just heard about this upcoming release, and it has a limited shelf life online, so check it NOW. There is a new Crosby, Stills & Nash album coming out on June 2.

You read that right.

It's called "Demos," and it's being streamed in its entirety on NPR's All Songs Considered for just a couple of weeks. These are some of their most classic songs in their simplest forms - a guitar and a voice, most of the time. But if you like Justin Vernon and Bon Iver, Guggenheim Grotto, Sam Beam and Iron & Wine, even a lot of M. Ward's stuff, you will LOVE this music. If you're young (um, 30 and under?) you might think CSN are just part of your parents' music. Give them a listen. They made their debut at Woodstock. Incredible, wonderful stuff to hear. I'm not just being sappy and sentimental.

Hard to pick a favorite on this album for me - listening right now as I write this, I would nominate "Love is a Gentle Thing." Post your own vote here.

While you're at it, save the Exclusive First Listen link as a bookmark. NPR posts new albums they like, right before they are released, and streams them for a week or two. I'm all about free, GREAT music....

I will also make a plea for my favorite music magazine, Paste. They are falling on hard times, like many printed publications in this economy. Go to the Campaign to Save Paste link and make a donation, big or small. You will then have access to some outstanding downloads donated by artists who love Paste and want to see the mag make it. Did I mention I also like CHEAP, great music? More importantly, I love Paste. They do a fantastic job getting behind the scenes, giving long & thoughtful interviews, and not giving in to the hype. They also slide in some cool Christian musicians under the radar. Shhh...


  1. Thanks Kelly!

    I'm not sure if I'm just the exception for the under 30 crowd... but for the record (pun intended) my CSN vinyls get a lot of playing time...

  2. yet another reason why I think you're so cool, Em....